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Foxby Corp. (Ticker: FXBY) is a non-diversified, closed end management investment company. The Fund's non-fundamental investment objective is total return which it may seek from growth of capital and from income by investment in securities of any type, unlimited by the issuer's location, size, or market capitalization. The Fund may invest in equity and fixed income securities of new and seasoned U.S. and foreign issuers, including securities convertible into common stock, debt securities, futures, options, derivatives, and other instruments. The Fund also may employ aggressive and speculative investment techniques, such as selling securities short and borrowing money for investment purposes, a practice known as "leveraging" and may invest defensively in short term, liquid, high grade securities and money market instruments. There is no assurance the Fund will achieve its investment objective.

Foxby Corp. is part of a fund complex which includes the Midas Funds and Dividend and Income Fund.

Fund Reports and Information

There is no assurance that the Fund's investment objectives will be attained. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. You should consider the investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses of the Fund carefully before investing. The Fund's investment policies, management fees, and other matters of interest to prospective investors may be found in its filings with the SEC, including its annual and semi-annual reports. To obtain a copy of the reports, please call us at 212-785-0900 or download them at Please read the reports carefully before investing.

Shares of closed end funds frequently trade at a discount from their NAV. This characteristic is a risk separate and distinct from the risk that the Fund's NAV could decrease as a result of its investment activities. Neither the Fund nor its investment manager can predict whether shares of the Fund will trade at, below or above NAV.

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