Foxby Corp.

Tax Information

Generally, you will be taxed when you sell shares and receive distributions (whether reinvested or taken in cash). Typically, your tax treatment will be as follows:


Tax Treatment

  Income dividends

  Ordinary income

  Short term capital gains distributions

  Ordinary income

  Long term capital gains distributions

  Capital gains

  Sales of shares held for more than one year

  Capital gains or losses

  Sales of shares held for one year or less

  Gains are treated as ordinary income; losses are subject to special rules

Distributions are generally taxable whether or not a shareholder receives such dividends in additional shares or elects to receive cash. Because income and capital gains distributions are taxable, you may want to avoid making a substantial investment in a taxable account when the Fund is about to declare a distribution which normally takes place in December. Each January, the Fund issues tax information on its distributions for the previous year. Any investor for whom the Fund does not have a valid taxpayer identification number will be subject to backup withholding for taxes. The tax considerations described in this section do not apply to tax-deferred accounts or other non-taxable entities. Because everyone's tax situation is unique, please consult your tax professional about your investment.

2016 Form 8937 - Report of Organizational Actions Affecting Basis of Securities

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